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4th Thursday of the Month 11:30AM

Our Values
Our Mission:
​Empower the business community to recognize and fulfill their calling in the workplace, building God’s Kingdom, impacting lives, and transforming communities through biblical principles in understanding the divine purpose for their place, position, talent, expertise, and financial resource.
Our Purpose:
To affirm, encourage, and equip business leaders to change the world through their impact and service in the Marketplace.
Our Values


"Colossians 3:23"

Keynote:  Mr. Bob Boerner, Jr.

Huntsville Director, 

North Alabama

Young Business Leaders (YBL)

Bob Boerner Jr (25 May 2023).jpg

Marketplace Leadership Luncheon invites you to fellowship with us on the 4th THURSDAY of every month for a 30-minute message focused on how to keep GOD in the Marketplace. 


Monthly Scripture:  Colossians 3:23

"Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the LORD rather than for people."

Time & Location:  Huntsville Country Club (11:30 AM - 12:30 PM, CST)


Date:  25 May 2023

Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Bob Boerner, Jr. 

Bob Boerner, Jr. is a native Huntsvillian who graduated from Grissom High School, obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Auburn University, as well as a Master of Divinity Degree from The International School of Theology in Southern California. For more than 33 years Bob has been the Huntsville Director of North Alabama Young Business Leaders (YBL), which is an organization that seeks to influence the marketplace by winning men to Christ, building them in their faith and releasing them fully equipped to lead well in their homes, churches, and businesses.  YBL also seeks to send faith-filled men out locally, nationally, and internationally for God’s Glory. They labor to show non-Christian men what it means to have a personal relationship with their creator, in a non-threatening and attractive way, and they want to help young men understand that real purpose, meaning and peace in life flow from a personal relationship with Christ. YBL’s semi-annual banquets are their main outreach activities.
Bob and his wife Jenni have been married 32 years and have raised 3 wonderful young men: Robert, John, and William. Bob loves all kinds of boating and fishing activities, and his greatest passion is being a fisherman of men, young and older, in helping them walk with Christ in every aspect of their lives.


We look forward to seeing you IN-PERSON at the Huntsville Country Club (2601 Oakwood Ave NW, Huntsville, AL 35810)!  The price to attend is $20.00 covering the cost of the venue and lunch to include (salad, entrée, dessert, beverage, and tip).  As always, the cost for FELLOWSHIP is PRICELESS!!!


(NOTE:  If you are unable to attend IN-PERSON, we also invite you to join us virtually on FACEBOOK LIVE at 12:00 PM CST 

Previous Speakers
Murray Wilton
Pastor, Murray Wilton Ministries
George Sawyer
Pastor, Calvary Assembly in Decatur, AL
Oscar L Montgomery
Pastor, Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church
Zach Penney
Owner, Bill Penney Toyota Dealership
John Stallworth
Businessman, NFL Hall of Fame Player
Coach Jack Doss
Coach, Alabama High School State Championship Coach
Lunch Details...
$20 - includes buffet, drink, dessert, and tip

Last Thursday of the Month

11:30am - 12:30pm

Huntsville Country Club
2601 Oakwood Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810
Please let us know if you can make it to MLL this week so we can prepare for meals!
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